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Some common questions

  • Will increasing my revenue increase my overall profit? +

    Not necessarily. Before delving into a marketing campaign to augment sales, you will first need to address the question of profitability. The lack of profitability may be caused by a myriad of factors including deficiencies in the operations of the business, capacity-related issues, repairs if equipment is involved, pricing strategies, among others. We would need to assess your current operation and help you become profitable and then work on developing an implementation plan for growth.
  • How do you succeed in selling a remarkable product or service rather than peddling a commodity? +

    Challenge the status quo and craft a message that demonstrates your key values or intellectual properties. It should be one that resonates with a certain and targeted audience, and is based on who you are and why your clients should care. Once this is established, everything your organization does should support that story. Your story should be a symphony not just a note!
  • What can I do if my business becomes marginalize due to decreasing profitability, increased competition, decreasing sales, etc? +

    One of the first steps we would recommend is for you to analyze your business. You will look at the foundational economic theories you may have relied upon when you started your business – economic principles that may no longer apply. We would apply out Business Modeling Methodology (BMM), an analytical tool that has proved to be successful in helping numerous businesses stabilize and rebuild and begin earning 10% of sales as a pretax profit goal to be able to reinvest some of the earnings in innovation. This methodology will reveal the schedules, documents and financial information that will measure the detail of unprofitable past sales. BMM would also identify and help preserve the key values in your business, or resources that may be used to build upon for your future innovation opportunities. Once you have stabilized your market position for growth and earning the threshold of profitability, you are ready to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to increase sales and grow your business.
  • How can you inspire someone to be effective and successful in what they do and create lasting change? +

    It requires the right methodology to create ‘preferred futures’ – Holding a space for the client’s exploration and asking the right questions as well as utilizing proven coaching techniques to bring out the client’s internal resources and motivators.
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