Our desired goal is to make our clients not only profitable, but also prosperous, which is an important attribute of a truly successful company.

Strategic Mark Consulting (SMC) is a professional services firm focusing on positioning businesses for prosperity through a holistic approach to our strategic marketing/business development (BD), solutions-based coaching, and business advisement services.

So many businesses start out with a strong sense of who they are and develop goals and values that they will bring to their clients and their communities. Then along the way, a myriad of factors such as competitive pressures, decreasing profitability, reactive marketing efforts, among others can cause businesses to become marginalized and stray away from their intended purpose.

We are passionate about helping businesses and individuals become who they were created to be and for their unique values to be reflected in all of their product solutions or services and in their marketing and BD efforts. Our goal is to help grow businesses with increased sales volume and more importantly, earn sustained profits throughout the life of the business as well as reinvesting funds in innovation. We offer a results-based methodology, working with you to build on the inheritance of your business and restore prosperity for generations to come.

Our leadership team includes marketing strategists and implementers, innovators, and business gurus with backgrounds and experience with global design firms, Fortune 500 companies, R+D/manufacturing corporations, and local/regional/national healthcare systems.

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