Cameron McConnell is the Chief Innovation Officer for Build to Prosper, a division of the McConnell Group (MGLLC) and an affiliate of Strategic Mark Consulting, providing business advisement services.  As an innovative thinker, Cam is passionate about building businesses and helping them to return to profitability.  He has specialized in helping over 400 business owners successfully earn sustained pretax profits that are reinvested in future innovation. He does this by applying his “Business Modeling Methodology” (BMM), secrets which he discloses in his book Build to Prosper.

Prior to starting MCLLC over 37 years ago, Cam served as CEO for Purex Industries, Pacific Aeromotive Corporation and as an International Banking Specialist for Wells Fargo and KPMG. He is a dedicated proponent of ensuring that future generations understand the principles of prosperity and as such, currently serves as a professor for Wagner Leadership Institute/Marketplace Entrepreneur Program in Pasadena, California.

Cam received his Business Management Degree from the USC Graduate School of Business as well as a B.S. Degree in Accounting from California State University, Long Beach.

On a personal note, Cam and his wife have supported and worked with MountainChild, a global charity based in Nepal that works to provide clean drinking water, educate children to help reduce child labor, provide medical outposts in remote mountain villages and rescue children from the sex trade industry.

“Cam’s Business Modeling Methodology is a proven action plan for helping owners discover and leverage their businesses’ intellectual properties to transform their enterprises to increased profitability. Cam teaches owners to identify and break the patterns that hold them back and frees them to discover strengths, transform business models, and innovate their way to prosperity once again. His real life experiences of helping entrepreneurs are inspirational!”   Daniel S. Conway, Managing Director, FocalPoint Partners, LLC

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