Business Advisement

We offer a solutions-focused methodology to our business advisement and management services. Cameron McConnell is the Chief Innovation Officer for Build to Prosper, a division of the McConnell Group (MGLLC) and an affiliate of Strategic Mark, providing business advisement services.  Cam pioneered the Business Modeling Methodology (BMM) process, a ten-step business analysis tool that has proved to be consistently successful in enabling business owners to ascertain the pattern of their problem and identify the core intellectual properties they have created that can provide the foundation for restoring prosperity. In his recently published book  Build To Prosper, he summarizes almost 40 years of leadership as a CEO, Chief Innovation Officer and Business Advisor with his management team and shares this proprietary ten-step process for helping business owners unlock future innovation.

Key areas of expertise

•    Global Operations
•    Innovation
•    High Stake Negotiations
•    Market Research
•    Product Development
•    Regulatory Compliance
•    Budget/Sales Forecasting
•    Project Management
•    Customer Engagement
•    Facilities Expansion
•    Board Collaboration
•    Asset Liability Oversight
•    Financial Planning
•    Organizational Restructure

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