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Tracy Gay has over 24 years of experience in the professional services industry as a marketing and business development (BD) strategist. A key part of her role has been to coach individuals and teams in BD and proposal/interview preparation and implementation. Since then she has taken steps to formalize her training as a coach and has undergone significant training with Erickson College. Tracy is currently working towards her Coaching certification with the International Coaching Federation.

As a natural encourager and strategist, Tracy has the passion to inspire and challenge you to be the person you were meant to be. She believes that each person has valuable resources, gifts and unique capabilities that can be brought out to achieve excellence. Through a solutions-focused approach, she will help you to explore and overcome obstacles as well as inspire and challenge you. Together you will discover ‘possibilities’ and specific solutions to your challenges through proven coaching techniques that are customized to your specific needs.

Types of Coaching

  • Personal or ‘Life Journey’ Coaching – This could encompass any area in your journey as you are seeking greater clarity in your life, including developing goals, work/life balance, new career or skill, among others.
  • Career Coaching – Career Coaching is a fantastic way to get help establishing your goals, dealing with specific decisions, creating and executing action plans as well as overcoming obstacles.
  • Performance Coaching – As more and more businesses have a performance-based culture, Performance Coaching can benefit individuals by helping them to meet the continuous professional development needed, dealing successfully with the competitive pressures encountered, and creating lasting change. This may be the type of coaching you consider if there is an interest in:
    • Delivering long-term performance improvement
    • Changing behavior
    • Increasing productivity
    • Increasing skills
    • Time management or prioritization
    • A role change
    • Improving or developing an expert or leadership role
    • Executive level staff increasing their leadership skills

Coaching Sessions

Tracy is based in the greater Los Angeles area and is available to provide coaching services locally and globally. She offers coaching services in person or at a distance via phone or web conference (FaceTime, Skype, among others). In addition, services may be one-on-one or as a group. If you are new to coaching, you may schedule a complimentary phone or web conference to see if Tracy is the right coach for you. Or you may schedule a coaching session directly. For either, please contact Tracy via the contact form in the sidebar.

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